Instagram pics and Hair videos: "What they aren't telling you"

Hey folks!

The wedding season is right around the corner and as the trial sessions have started, I can’t help but share a part of Heather Chapman last newsletter.

Crazy skills from Heather Chapman …and hour of hair prep’

Crazy skills from Heather Chapman …and hour of hair prep’

For those who don’t know her, Heather is a real hair guru. She has been working her magic on effortless updos for years and she clearly is my greatest inspiration. Her work never gets dull and as a pro, she is probably one of the best hairstylist you can get your education from. In her last Newsletter, Heather talks about how we, hairstylist, have to deal with unrealistic expectations: videos and instagram pics tend to make clients believe a solid, effortless, texturized updo can be achieve in 15 minutes.

For years I have been prepping hair as our grandmas would do it. If you have ever partnered with me, you obviously have seen me explaining around how getting the right texture is what takes most of my time when working on someone’s head. Sometimes my schedule on the D day is too tight and I refuse to squeeze a bridemaid in because I know that I won’t have enough time to prep her hair as I should. Sometimes it is well accepted and sometimes not. Nothing is impossible when it comes to updos. Bu, keep in mind:

  1. It is the preparation of the hair that counts.. and hair prep is a serious and time consuming business. So if you want the perfect updo, you have to be ready to sit on your hairstylist’s chair for a couple of hours. it takes what it takes ladies !

  2. The more the hair looks natural, the more it usually takes time to prep!

Heather’s instagram  I mean, isn’t she the best ? look at the different texture she brings out on her model’s hair !

Heather’s instagram

I mean, isn’t she the best ? look at the different texture she brings out on her model’s hair !

What Heather Chapman says :
”Do you ever wonder how other hair stylists are able to do such pretty updos & make it look so effortless? People tell me ALL THE TIME that I "make it look so easy". Do you know what I tell them? I tell them "it's the editing"!!! Although I don't think many people care to hear how the magic trick is done, it's still the truth. Oh & a lot of practice but I'll get to that later....

What so many stylists don't show you is the extremely time consuming prep work that went into the hair BEFORE the hair style even begins. Then, with a flick o' the wrist, it's edited into a dopamine producing 60 second video. But do you really think it happened that fast? 

Hair prep can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours!!! That's right! You get someone with waist length, heavy, thick hair that wants a 1/2 up 1/2 down style?? You know where this is going. Then, you have the editing. Editing the video involves extracting the best parts of the video & putting them together to make a 60 second video that LOOKS like it is effortless but hair styling is NOT effortless. It is not simple. It is like building a card castle & it is straight up hard. Why do you think so many people hate doing updos? lol (evil giggle) They're not easy, they're just made to look that way on social media because prep work is boring & not shiny like a pretty post.”


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